Meeting Minutes 5-5-2011



May 5, 2011


Attendees: Heather Youngblood, Dale Trombley, Neal Boger,Pam Etheredge, Robert Etheredge, Ed Ruch, Joan Ruch, Charles Bishop, Doug Ledbetter, Mark Halback, Chris Feller (guest)


April minutes read and approved


Treasurer’s report read and approved


Old Business:

Appalachian Craft Fair was discussed. We had 15 vendors present and a fair turnout of visitors.

Crockett posters have been printed to commemorate the 225th birthday celebration this year. Posters will sell for $20 each. Doug Ledbetter will see about

having t-shirts made with the same design.

Thanks to Ed and Joan Ruch for donating firewood to the park.

Mark Halback has printed a flyer to hand out at other events to invite reenactors to come to Crockett Days. A flyer is in the works to hand out to the

general public.


New Business:

Neal Boger has requested that Chad Bogart make a list of hymns and play music for the Sunday morning CrockettDays church service. He would also

like to hand out lyric sheets to those attending.

MOTION:  Neal Boger motioned that The Friends will provide 100 bags of ice for the Crockett Days event.

SECONDED: by Pam Etheredge


Pres. Heather Youngblood mentioned that we need a concrete ramp for wheelchair access to the lower area by the river where the encampment takes

place. No vote was taken. In the meantime, we will post handicapped signs to direct people to park near the boat ramp. Campers/reenactors will

need to park at the top of the hill.

Pioneer Camp Crockett is scheduled for June 25. Plans will be discussed at the next meeting.

The Annual Membership Meeting will be at 6:00pm June 2, 2011 at Shelter #3 at the cabin. Members are asked to bring a side dish or dessert. The

group will provide hamburgers, buns, drinks, condiments, plates, napkins, cups, etc. New board members and officers will be elected at this


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Pam Etheredge (acting secretary)



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