Meeting Minutes 6-2-2011



June 2, 2011

Attendees: Heather Youngblood, Charles Bishop, Steve Alexander, Doug Ledbetter, Bob Etheredge, PamEtheredge, Neal

                Boger, Ed Ruch, Joan Ruch, Dale Trombley, Mark Halback, Nathan Beane, Mary Jo St. Clair,…………..

Minutes: read and approved

Treasurers report Doug Ledbetter reported $4269.29 in the treasury. Report read and approved.

Old Business: Doug Ledbetter discussed the Crockett Days poster. These will be printed on stiff poster board.

                     50 will be printed at a cost of approximately $9.50 each. T-shirts will be silk screened with the same design

                     at an approximate cost of $9.00 each. Posters and t-shirts will be sold for about $20.00 each.

New Business: Park Manager Mark Halback introduced Nathan Beane, the new park Seasonal Ranger. He gave updates

                      on the 225th Crockett Days Celebration. President Youngblood said the Friends will explore feeding the

                      reenactors to show our appreciation for their participation.

                      MOTION: by Neal Boger to have quarterly membership meetings so to increase member interest and


                      SECONDED: by Dale Trombley

                      MOTION PASSED:  (Quarterly membership meetings will be held in Sept., Dec., March, and June.)

                      New board members were nominated and approved by the membership. These are Ed Ruch, Diane

                      Thompson, and Charles Bishop. The board now consists of Ed, Diane, Charles, Heather Youngblood,

                      Steve Alexander, Doug Ledbetter, Pam Etheredge, Bob Etheredge, Neal Boger, and Geri Ann Lockman.

                      Door prizes were awarded.

                      Motion made and approved to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted by:

Steve Alexander, Secretary

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