Meeting Minutes 7-7-2011

The next open board meeting will be held on Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011 at 6:00pm at the park museum. Crockett Days is less than 3 weeks away. All members are encouraged to attend this meeing to see how you can help the park during this important event.



July 7, 2011

ATTENDEES: Steve Alexander, Heather Youngblood, Dale Trombley, Doug Ledbetter, Diane Thompson, Charles Bishop, Bill West, 

                          Pam Etheredge, Park Manager Mark Halback

CALL TO ORDER: Pres. Youngblood

MINUTES: June minutes read and approved with the following correction: add Dale Trombley to list of board members

TREASURER’S REPORT: Report read and approved ( Ending general bal. of $5664.57: Educational Fund bal. of $947.62; Freedom  T

                                              Fund bal. of $198.55.

NEW BUSINESS:     +Mary Jo St. Clair has agreed to work on a quarterly newsletter. The first one is tentatively scheduled

                                to come out in Sept. Contact Heather if you are interested in submitting stories, photos, recipes, etc.

                                    +Our Facebook page has 168 followers. We need someone to administrate it and help keep the photos,  

                                information, and announcements up-to-date. Please contact Heather or Dale if interested in helping.

                                    +Ranger Dawn Coleman asked the Friends to consider a request for funds for picnic tables and fire rings.

                                After much discussion it was felt that the Friends should allocate our limited resources in an effort to enhance

                                the Park in a variety of ways and that these ongoing, expensive projects were the responsibility of the State.

                                      MOTION: Doug Ledbetter motioned not to fund the purchase of picnic tables and fire rings.

                                       SECONDED: Pam Etheredge

                                       MOTION PASSED

OLD BUSINESS:     + Pioneer Kids Camp was a success! Dawn and Heather wish to thank all who helped: Steve Ricker,  Steve

                               Alexander, Pam and Bob Etheredge, Mark Halback, Nathan Beane, the campground hosts and Dawn’s parents.

                                    +The By-Laws Committee (Heather Youngblood, Steve Alexander, Doug Ledbetter) are discussing

                                amendments permitting email emergency voting by the board (phone votes are already permitted) and the

                                membership dues payment schedule. These amendments will be emailed to the membership for voting at

                                 the September membership meeting.

                                 CROCKETT DAYS:

                                        MOTION: Doug Ledbetter reported that Crumley House could supply printed t-shirts at $6.95 each which we

                                                           can sell for $15. Approximately 75 shirts in various sizes will be ordered.

                                         SECONDED: Neal Boger

                                         MOTION PASSED


                                          MOTION: Doug motioned that Rural Resources provide the food for the reenactors dinner for 100 people

                                                             at $6.50 a person for a choice of pork or chicken, slaw, beans, brownies/cookies, and tea.

                                           SECONDED: Dale Trombley

                                           MOTION PASSED

                                            Park Mgr. Halback reported that the famous “Crockett Rifle” will be brought to the park on Aug.13,from10-4pm.

                                            MOTION: Doug motioned that the Friends pay the rifle caretakers $150 to transport and display the rifle.

                                            SECONDED: Dale Trombley

                                            MOTION PASSED

                                             The road signs promoting Crockett Days will be put on the highways. Efforts will be made to contact Josh Smith with WJHL and

                                              Tim Cable with Cable Country for promotional opportunities. A Friends Group Information Booth will be set up atCrockett Days

                                               and volunteers are needed so help take turns manning the booth. A sign up sheet will be available at the August meeting.

   Motion to adjourn made and seconded and approved.

Respectfully submitted

Steve Alexander, Sec.


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