Meeting Minutes 8-4-2011


August 4, 2011

ATENDEES: Steve Alexander, Heather Youngblood, Bob and Pam Etheredge, Geri Ann Lockman, Diane Thompson, Charles and Peggy Bishop,

                      Ed and Joan Ruch, Mark Halback, Dale Trombley, Doug Ledbetter, Nathan Beane, Dawn Coleman, Ken Tester, Chef Mary Goldman

MINUTES: Correction to July minutes– Geri Ann Lockman attended the July meeting, Diane Thompson did not. Minutesthen approved as read.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Beginning bal.of $5664.57+Deposits of $795=Total of $6459.57-Expenditures of $1420.68=End Bal.of $5038.89

                                           Educational Fund of $947.62, Freedom Fund of $198.55, Cash on Hand of $33.48. Report read and approved.

Welcome of new member Robert Stimson

PARK MGRS. REPORT: Park Mgr. Halback displayed 1950’s Crockett memorabilia donated to the park sent by Mr. DeVito.

CROCKETT DAYS REPORT: Heather introduced Chef Mary Goldman who will prepare the reenactors meal. Members need to sign up to work the

                                                  Friends Information Booth. Items were requested to include in the auction, Doug reported that t-shirts and posters

                                                  were ready and would be offered for a $15 donation each to the Friends.Harmon Ice Co. will donate approximately

                                                  100 bags of ice to the event. A Friends sign will be obtained from Foster’s Signs.Nathan needed assistance for ice

                                                  deliveries during the event.

                             MOTION: from Diane to allow up to $400 for radio advertising for Crockett Days

                             SECONDED: by Pam

                             MOTION PASSED

NEW BUSINESS: There is an opportunity to do a Native American Festival October 12-14, 2012

                              MOTION: by Doug to have Mark explore further and report back

                              SECONDED: by Robert

                              MOTION PASSED

                              A conference of Friends organizations will be held at Paris Landing State Park Oct, 21-23. Anyone interested in attending should contact

                              Heather. The Crockett Friends will look into subsidizing the trip.

                              The quarterly membership meeting will be held on Thursday Sept. 1, 2011 at 6:00pm at the park museum. All members are encouraged to


Respectfully submitted

Steve Alexander, Secretary

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