Meeting Minutes 9-1-2011



SEPT. 1, 2011

ATTENDEES: Heather Youngblood, Bill and Karen West, Charles Bishop, Diane Thompson, Mark Halback, Dawn Coleman, Ken Tester, Steve

                        Alexander, Dale Trombley

CALL TO ORDER: Pres.Youngblood. No actions were taken for lack of a quorum.

MINUTES: Read. No corrections were noted.



                      Mark reported a successful event with good participation by reenactors and a goodly number of visitors. Food service did not

                      appear to be sorely missed. The Crockett rifle was a hit with visitors. He suggested that the Friends consider taking care of food, music and

                      ice next year.


                      Sept. 24 will be National Public Lands Day and the park needs several volunteers to assist.

                      Sept: 16-17: Diane and Dawn will attend the “Step Back in Time” event at Henry Horton State Park.

                      Oct. 21-23 will be the Friends Conference at Paris Landing State Park. All Friends group members are invited. Each group pays a $35 group

                                         fee, and each attendee pays $10. Special room rates are $47.95 per night. Meet other Friend‘s group members and seek out

                                         ideas on how to grow our group. Several meals are included. Please let Heather know if you would like to attend. We will ask

                                         the group to fund all or part of the trip.

                       Oct. 28  will be the park’s Haunted Forest. Dawn needs people to dress out and help hand out candy.

                       Dec. 10 will be Crockett Christmas from 4-8pm. More information will be forthcoming.

                       The board took an emergency vote during Crockett Days to pay $200 to the musicians. It was unclear about their contracted involvement

                                          and steps will be taken to prevent a future occurance.

                        Dawn suggested that a representative of the Native-American group be invited to speak to our group about the possibility of a

                                          Native-American Festival next year.

                        The Friends should explore a project to extend the bottom of the ramp at Shelter #3.

                         The next board meeting will be held at 6pm on Thursday, Oct. 6 at the park museum.

Respectfully submitted

Steve Alexander, Sec.

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