Meeting Minutes 2-2-2012

Pioneer Friends Board Meeting
Feb. 2, 2012
ATTENDEES: Steve Alexander, Heather Youngblood, Ken Tester, Pam and Bob Etheredge, Doug Ledbetter, Ed and Joan Ruch, Mark Halback, Dawn Coleman, Diane and Phil Thompson
Minutes were approved as submitted
TREASURER’S REPORT:  Balances are reported as relatively unchanged from Nov. 2012 balances which were a checking acct. bal. of $6077.08, Educational Fund of $1549.62, and Freedom Fund of $198.55. The secretary will email and snail-mail notices to current and past members for 2012 membership dues.
NEW BUSINESS: Charles Bishop has resigned as Friends vice-president and board member because of a conflict of interest. He was recently employed by the park. We thank Charles for his leadership service to the Group but look forward to his continued affiliation as a member.
     MOTION: by Ed Ruch to approve the expenditure of up to $400 for Bill West to construct BBQ grills for the park for a fraction of the retail price
     SECONDED: by Bob Etheredge
     2012 is the 75th Anniversary of Tenn. State Parks and the commissioner wants each park to throw a birthday party. Therefore Crockett Days will be a 3
     day event marked by the invitation of local officials for ceremonies on Friday Aug. 17.
     Greene Co. Homeschoolers have requested an educational event for 40-75 kids, with reenactors and nature hikes. This would be a 2-4 hour event on May
     5 with the public invited and a Greene Co. historical group involved.
     Feb. 18 is the Greeneville Antique Appraisal Fair and March 24 is “Preening the Park”. June 23 is Pioneer CampCrockett. All help is appreciated.
     Any reenactors who wish  may set up for a 2 day camp for Memorial Day weekend on May 26.
     The Native American Festival is up in the air at this time.
     To best avoid the red tape, the ramp at Shelter #3 may best be improved by modestly improving the angle and ground along the ridge with a Bobcat.
     Meeting adjourned.
     Respectfully submitted’
     Steve Alexander, Sec.
     THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE A MEMBERHIP MEEING AT THE PARK MUSEUM ON MARCH 1, 2012 at 6:30pm. Please attend and bring
     your 2012 application and dues.ALSO, bring prospective members to this meeting.

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