Meeting Minutes 7-12-2012


Minutes for Thursday July 12, 2012 Meeting

ATTENDEES: Heather Youngblood, Dale Trombley, Doug Ledbetter, Ed Ruch, Steve Alexander, Tim Massey, Neal Boger, Mark Halback, Dawn Coleman, Pam & Robert Etheredge and visiting Park Campground Host, Frank Huscroft.


>CALL TO ORDER:   The  Thursday July 12th 2012 meeting of the friends group was called to order by new President Robert Etheredge at 6:35 PM in the museum annex of the park headquarters located on the grounds of David CrockettBirthplace Park in Limestone, Tn.

> MINUTES:    Minutes for the June 7th meeting were read by outgoing Secretary Steve Alexander who has done an outstanding job this year in re-    organizing and improving our record keeping.   The minutes were approved as presented by a unanimous vote.

>TREASURERS REPORT:   Treasurer Doug Ledbetter read the June treasurers report and it was approved by a unanimous vote.

>Old Business:    [1] Mark requested clarification on the total amount to be spent on Signage for the upcoming four [4] events to be held this year. We had discussed   an amount of $500.00 at the meeting in May 2012, but a vote was not taken.  Discussion on this item was tabled till the Aug. meeting.

[2] Kids camp went well.   Discussion on better signage for the kid’s camp was tabled for next meeting.

[3] No further old business.


>New Business>

[1] Crockett Days.    Doug suggested that {A} To bring more folks to Crockett Days, we should hold a drawing for a gift certificate for $100.00 to J.A. Townsend. This would be drawn during the events.  Motion was voted on and passed to accept this.   [B] That word of mouth would be the best way to let everyone know  as this is the best way to get the word out.## Voted and approved by all to spend ** $100.00.

(2)  It was suggested that we have a pizza dinner this year for the re-enactors  after hours.  A motion was made and seconded to spend$400.00 for pizzas and drinks . ## Voted and passed ** $400.00.

(3)  A motion was made and seconded to provide 50 bags of ice to enactors as well as fire wood.  ## Voted and passed.

(4)  Mark wants as many re-enactors as possible to turn out for the  75th State Park Anniversary celebration to be held Friday the 17th  at the museum building from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Cake and drinks will be available as well as storytelling followed at the cabin. The park will provide the refreshments.

(5)  The “Mountain Makins” music event set for Oct. 13th2012 is all set with four groups to come and play.   Dawn has contacted Snow Biz for the concessions for this. The event will be held at the camp ground pavilion[#2?] near the camp ground store.     It was suggested that for next year’s event we reserve the Crockett cabin pavilion for this event and sell drinks for the Friends Group to raise money.  We also will discuss the possibility of having craft venders as well. This was tabled for future discussion.     Heather made a motion to use $150.00 for signage for this event.  ## Voted on and approved by all to the amount of** $150.00

(6)  The need  for increasing our MEMBERSHIP was brought up by Robert  and other members have suggested to him that we invite other groups with diversified interests , such as bird watchers, running groups, cyclists, campers, musicians, Sierra Club members and others to become members of the Friends Group.  Give this some thought and talk to others about doing this without being reminded. Please.  Further discussion tabled [@T] for Thursday  August 2nd meeting.

(7)  We were  reminded about having an appreciation dinner for our park hosts  before Labor Day.  Sun. Aug 26th. Was mentioned but was   tabled [@T]  till next meeting.

(8) A discussion was made about buying more flowers and trees for the park as well and was also tabled[@T] until later.

(9) Finally Mark  has mentioned that he met with Gary Foreman ( a documentary producer) about a possible project to create a Heritage Trail about Davy Crockett.


>    Motion was made and seconded to adjourn.

Pam Etheredge, Secretary

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