Meeting Minutes 9-6-2012

Minutes from the Friends of Davy Crockett meeting of Sept. 6 2012.

            Meeting opened with Ed reading the treasurers report. He also said that our annual report needs to be sent in. and that we need to get the 990 to send to the IRS.
  Robert was given a bad check by Ed to check into what to do with it.
The friends group annual conferance meeting is to be held at Fall Creek State Park on Nov. 9 thru 11th. if anyone wishes to attend. A group fee of $35
needs to be paid for this.  This needs to be tabled till our Oct. meeting.
  A rembursement was made to Ed for the tip for our pizza party and for Staples for the sum of $48.61.
Ed also reported to us that only 31 bags of ice were used at the Crockett Days event.
                Old buisness.
  Dawn has gotton our Crockett signs back for the Mountain Melodies event, and they do look nice.
We do need to ask Steve Alexander about making some some new Crockett membership pamplets since the old ones are outdated and need some work.  He had said he would try to do that for us a while back.
  Mark reported that he thought the Crockett Days event went well and thanks all of our group for a job well done. We are in high hopes that the new Crockett Trail will be a big draw for our park and we wish Gary Foreman lots of luck on that task.
  Mark has also announced that we have gotton a grant from the Sate of Tenn. to do some much needed work for our park. Details will follow at the next meeting on this.
  No new buisness.  Meeting adjourned.
              Friends attended.
    Ed Ruch
    Joan Ruch
    Robert Etheredge
    Pam Etheredge
    Mark Halback
    Dawn Coleman
     Please make it a point to mark your calenders and attend our next meeting on the first Thursday of the month as we cannot vote or discuss important matters that need addressing if we do not have enough members there.
                                                                                            Thankyou, your secretary,  Pam Etheredge

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