Meeting Minutes 10-4-2012


Minutes for Thursday October 4, 2012

>ATTENDEES: Peggy & Charles Bishop, Dale Trombley, Heather Youngblood, Robert & Pam Etheredge,

Frank Huscroft, Mark Halbach [Park Mngr.], and Dawn Coleman [Park Ranger & Public Relations Co-


>LOCATION: Museum Room of Park Headquarters Building at David Crockett Birthplace State Park.

>CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to Order by President Robert Etheredge at 6:30 PM

>MINUTES: The President asked if all present had received an e-mailed copy of the September 2012

minutes and upon receiving unanimous agreement called upon the floor to move that these minutes be

accepted as transmitted. Motion was made, seconded and carried.

>TREASURERS REPORT: As Treasurer Ed Ruch was on a trip, a copy of the treasurer’s report that he had

prepared and emailed to all was pulled up by Heather Youngblood on her Android phone and read by

the president to the floor; a motion to accept was received from the floor, seconded and carried.


>Steve Alexander continues to work on a new membership brochure for the Friends Group and we

GREATELY! Appreciate his efforts.

>Mountain Melodies concert is coming up this month and Park personnel have constructed a new stage

and Dawn says all is on schedule. Heather & Pam contacted the food vendor from Greeneville and he

will be there early for set up.

>Annual Halloween “Spooky Trails”- Dawn requested about $120.00 for Candy for this event. A motion

was made by Heather Youngblood and seconded by Pam Etheredge and since a Quorum of Board

Members was present [5 of 9 ], a vote was taken and the monies were approved unanimously.

>Left over 2011 T-Shirts and 2011 Posters were discussed as to selling remainder at reduced prices

during the Mountain Melodies. Mark said 24 of the posters were left. Peggy Bishop agreed to sell

these @ the music event. Robert said he would try to sell some on E-bay if any was left over. A price of

$ 10.00 for the posters and $ 2.00 for tee shirts was suggested , but final decision was left up to Peggy as

to final pricing.

>Steve and Suzie Ricker were voted in as LIFE MEMBERS and CONSULTANTS by the entire membership.


>Mark Noted that the Park had experienced an at capacity day last weekend. Boy Scouts were having a

major event!

He also discussed a leak found in the museum, the camp ground sewage re-work came in under budget

so leak can be fixed w/ left over.

Mark also has received an E-mail from the State Head Quarters [Jeff Wells, Superintendent of

Programming} that he believes may indicate that a MAJOR Project concerning a “David Crockett Trail”

may be in the works soon; possibly requiring the Friends Group to act as a holding company for monies

donated by business sponsors and handling the letting of bids, accounting and other operations

activities. This may require legal advice and changes to by-laws.

In connection with these events Mark asked if the Friends group would look into purchasing a 60” Flat

screen LCD TV for the Museum Rework Project, Discussion was opened on the floor and Dale did quick

on-line research and found several prices. Dale Trombley made a motion to approve $ 1500.00 for a TV,

DVD Player and related components for the Museum Theatre Project, motion was seconded by Steve

Alexader, and passed unanimous vote.


PROXY E-MAIL and [3} CHANGING the BYLAWS. E-MAILS will be sent to all members and the process

may take several months.

>Also the President asked if next meeting for November would be on schedule for all present and this

was accepted by all. Other dates will be entertained if there are conflicts. Also he repeated his call for

adding additional NEW MEMBERS!!

>Mark suggested a change to the Crockett Birthday Celebration by changing the large camp out event to

October so as to include school groups and reduce the problem w/ very HOT! Weather that has plagued

us. This would still allow a small “Birthday Party” @ the Cabin around August 17th by a small party of re-

enactors and volunteers for the public on that weekend. Further discussion will be held on this the next

few months.


>A motion was made from the floor to adjourn as no other new business was brought up. Motion

seconded and carried.

> END MINUTES- October 2012

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