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>ATTENDEES: Steve Alexander, Peggy & Charles Bishop, Neal Boger, Pam Etheredge [Secretary],

Robert Etheredge [President], Tim Massey [Vice President] and Ed Ruch [Treasurer]. Also State Park

personnel Ken Testor and Mark Halback were there to advise the Friends group.

>LOCATION: Museum Room of the Park Headquarters Building at David Crockett Birthplace State Park,

>CALL TO ORDER : The Friends Group meeting was called to order @ 6:34 pm on Thursday 01

November 2012 by President Robert Etheredge.

>MINUTES : Minutes from the October 2012 meeting were E-mailed to all the current membership as

well as park staff and a copy added to the CD-ROM in the records box of the Secretary for future

reference. All members present affirmed they received a readable copy, but Steve Alexander, Peggy

Bishop, and Ed Ruch found a few items that needed correction * [1] Ed Ruch noted that on the Life Time

Membership for the Rickers that the wording should read … “a unanimous vote of all members [* “ that

were in attendance”.] [2] Peggy Bishop noted that Steve Alexander needed to be added to the roll as he

was present and made a motion, but was not listed on the roll call. *[3] Peggy also noted that there

was a discrepancy on the price of the left-over tee shirts and Crockett posters. All these items were

corrected in the master copy of the OCTOBER 2012 MINUTES and marked with an asterisks to note the

changes. A motion was received to accept the amended minutes, seconded and carried.

>TREASURERS REPORT : The balance in the treasury is $ 8,139.21 as of November 01, 2012 as sent out

in an E-mail by Treasurer Ed Ruch. He reported that this amount included the monies from the tee shirt

and poster sales made at the Mountain Melodies event. A motion was made to accept report as read, a

second was received and the motion was carried with no dissention.

>OLD BUSINESS : [1] As tee shirts and posters had just been discussed in the treasurers report, the

president asked if any remained in stock. Mark Halback, park manager remarked that Peggy and Charles

Bishop had managed to sell all the tee shirts and only about six posters remained. Peggy suggested that

the Friends Group give these to our volunteer camp hosts as keepsakes for their time at Crockett

Birthplace. [ Our hosts handle all of our firewood and ice sales which accounts for most of our operating

monies each year]. This idea was well received and was voted and approved by all in attendance. {***

Note to follow up on this @ next meeting; ask Mark if he needs us to ship these to the hosts @ their

new winter addresses and perhaps we should include a “thank you” note with posters. [Pam E. ]*** }

[2] Mark Halback and Ranger Ken Testor continue to work on the MUSEUM AUDIO-VISUAL UPGRADE

that the Friends approved back in October. This upgrade would include the purchase of a 50” to 60” flat

screen TV, DVD player and related components and the amount was set at $ 1,500.00 initially. Ken

reported that a sound bar with a built in amplifier and better speakers would greatly help with crowds in

a large room and all components would still fall under the amount approved due to the falling price of

flat screen TVs. Ed Ruch, Treasurer, volunteered to try to save additional monies by purchasing for the

job “ONLINE” and thus saving the Park employees time and effort in their already hectic schedule. Ken

suggested that volunteers could work on the weekends while the museum was closed to finish the

installation. Mark also requested help with installation of a wooden control box or panel to hold the

start buttons and Ed Ruch volunteered the services of his wood shop and materials if needed.

[3] Steve Alexander has been working on our NEW Friends Group MEMBERSHIP FORM and has come

up with a very nice design that would use a single piece of heavy cardstock printed on both sides with

pictures of Park activities in the background behind lettering highlighting our mission statement and a

simple application form. The single heavy card holds up much better than the trifold type which tends

to bend in half when placed in racks at travel centers. Steve requested pictures from the membership at

large showing a wide range of activities at the park be sent to him to serve as a back ground collage. So

if anyone has photos send them to Steve – email is : Neal Boger informed

the group that Microsoft Publisher could be easily used to turn out nice designs if someone had the

program and skills to use this method. The only drawback as Ed Ruch pointed out is that anyone wishing

to view the work in progress would need to have that expensive program on their computer. A basic

hand-drawn rough draft example made by Steve Alexander will be sent out to all members for their

comments this month if the item will scan into E-mail.

[4] The Annual Crockett Christmas Celebration is to be held Saturday December 08, 2012 from 4:00 pm

until 8:00 pm at the cabin. Cheese, crackers, cookies and hot cider will be provided by the Park as well

as plates, cups and napkins. Friends’ members may bring extra food and drink if they wish to

contribute. Traditional music will be provided by Art & Cathy. Volunteers will be needed to clean and

decorate the cabin; ****** So Sunday December 02, 2012 between 2:00 and 4:00 pm has been set for

this purpose. Also a short meeting of the friends group will be conducted to cut down on the already

hectic schedule of December.

[5] Ken Testor reported the Mountain Melodies Bluegrass Event was a great success with good turnout

and a total sell out of all Tee shirts by Peggy & Charles Bishop. Tee shirt sales totaled $ 165.00 while

$20.00 was collected for the posters as was noted in the Treasurer’s report. Even the food vendor sold

[6] A good night was seen at the Halloween Spooky Trails event even though several conflicting events

on Friday occurred to cut attendance. [high school football, Jonesborough Trick or Treat, etc.]

>New Business : [ 1 ] An announcement was made by Park Manager Mark Halback that the State of

Tennessee has opened has opened its newest park over east of Erwin on I-26 called Rocky Fork. Mark

says this is one of the most pristine areas in Tn. He also reported that one of our “Crockett Kids,” 6 year

old Ivan Daniel, received his Junior Ranger certificate , which was signed by Governor Haslam, Mark

Halback and other state dignitaries, at the opening event. More about this new wilderness area should

be available on the State Parks website.

[ 2 ] A discussion was opened on the floor about moving the MEETING DATE of the Friends Group as it

appears many other groups also tend to choose the first week of the month to have their meetings thus

making this one week unduly stressful on families with memberships in several groups. A move to the

second Thursday of the month @ the same time of 6:30pm was deemed the most feasible and was

approved unanimously following a motion from the floor. This is not however written in stone and if

any member finds this date not helpful PLEASE E-mail or call. The meeting for the month of December

will be held @ the Crockett Cabin on Sunday the 2nd, during the cabin cleaning, as mentioned above,

then the January meeting will be held on Thursday 10, January 2013.

>Adjourn : The President asked for discussion of any other new business and upon receiving none,

requested a motion to adjourn as the usual one hour length had been exceeded. The motion was made,

a second was received and carried. Meeting adjourned.

Pam Etheredge, secretary / rje


**** POST SCRIPT – Members please note that you should receive [3 ] other emails after this one. #1

concerning Crockett Christmas; #2 is about the change of meeting dates to the 2nd Thursday and #3 is a

scan of Steve Alexander’s new design of our membership brochure. We will continue to number e-

mails at the top of the page to insure that everyone can tell if they miss one.

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