Meeting Minutes 1-10-2013

Friends Group Meeting – Thursday Jan. 10, 2013


>Treasurers report was voted on and passed by everyone.

>Old business:

Ken brought the fact up that we needed new chairs in the museum area and also Marks office area.

He priced 24 folding chairs at Sam’s Club for the museum at $119.00 per dozen which would be –

$238.00 total and [3] for Marks office $39.98. ea. We will make a final decision on these at the

February 2013 meeting.

The Big screen Television finally came in and was installed in the Museum, along with the sound bar

beneath. A total of $1010.00 was spent on it for both. Ed Ruch made a motion to have 500 of the newly

designed Friends Group membership pamphlets. Ed will check into Vistaprint about prices. This was

tableled until Ed can proof-read and check on prices.

We also voted on paying Ed and Joan back some of the expenses for their trip to the National Friends

Group conference in Chattanooga this past November. It was voted on and accepted to pay them $50.

Ed also reported on the conference he and Joan attended, the next year’s conference at Montgomery

Bell Park and also stated that the Parks System was heavily pushing a new “ KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL “

Program. This may be of help to our group, so further discussion will be invited during the February

meeting. More information about this program by getting in touch with Tammy Kinser, at the Greene

Co. tourism dept. as they are already involved.

>New Business:

Mark filled us in on some Maintenance that was done at the Museum by having a new roof put on, and

what he wants to have done in the future, but nothing that’s needs to be voted on or addressed at this

time. For future reference, a wood splitting get- together will be at the park for the men that want to

help in Feb. Call the park for a time for this. Any help welcome. Meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM.

>NOTE*** As most everyone knows by now, Mark is in the hospital in Johnson City after his awful

accident coming home two weeks ago. He has now been moved to Quillon Rehab. Center. Mark is

getting better every day and I’m sure all of your prayers have helped and he will continue to get better.

**Don’t forget that our Friends group meeting has been moved to the second Thursday of the month

which will be on Valentine’s day [Thursday February 14, 2013] this time, so we plan on having a little

party during the meeting.

Come and enjoy.

Your Secretary, Pam Etheredge

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