Meeting Minutes April, 2013



ATTENDEES: Pam Etheredge, Tim Massey, Doug Ledbetter, Peggy and Charles Bishop, Heather Youngblood, Dale Trombley, and Ken Tester.

Minutes were approved for last month.

Tim Massey filled in as acting president for Robert in his absence.

It has been announced that we will have nominations for the new board members next month.

Treasurer is absent so we will vote on this next month.

Old Business.

Mulch was bought for the playground by the parks funds so we will not be purchasing that after all.

New chairs are now in the museum.

Ken has requested that we buy a pool side basketball hoop for the kids to have for summer recreation. He has checked on one and price is around $700. this is tabled until a later time.

Earth day is April 28th. And Ken has suggested that we purchase and plant ten Native trees for the park. Melody has suggested that we let the Home school children from our area purchase these and to help plant them.

New Business.

The park needs a new printer so we have a motion made and passed to spend up to $100 for one. Ed will purchase this.

John Price was contacted about selling Hotdogs

at the pool this summer and has stated that he will have to talk to Ken about the details. We will discuss this further next month.

Melody has requested that we have someone to give swimming lessons at the pool this summer for a small amount As an added money raiser for the park.

It was also suggested that we sell T-shirts to raise money to be discussed about at a later date.

Since Dawn is not here we will postpone discussing the Crockett days event until next meeting in May.

Meeting adjourned.

Secretary, Pam Etheredge

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