Meeting Minutes 7-11-2013

The Pioneer Friends of Davy

Crockett Birthplace State Park

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 7/11/2013

Call to order: A Monthly Board (Corrected as per Heather 7/12) Meeting of the The Pioneer Friends was held at the Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park, Limestone TN, on 7/11/2013. The meeting convened at 6:18 pm, Tim Massey President, presiding, and Dale Trombley, secretary.

Members in attendance: Heather Youngblood, Robert Etheredge, Pam Etheredge, Doug Ledbetter, Tim Massey, Peggy Bishop, Charles Bishop, Joseph Gamble, Ken Tester, Diane Thompson, Philip Thompson, and Dale Trombley.

Approval of minutes: Motion was made by Heather, and Robert seconded to approve the minutes of the 6/13/2013 meeting. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: Checking Account Balance as of July, 1 2013: $7972.72. Education Fund (Savings) $1802.39. Total Assets $9775.11

Old business:

-Ken, Wagon has been painted and inspected. Everything is good and at minimal cost, except for the bed of it. Bill has checked prices to repair the bed of the wagon and has come up with approximately $494 for lumber and $75 for the hardware. The plan is to have the wagon completed in time for use at Crockett Days. Doug motioned for $600 to finish the needed repairs, Diane seconded and the motion passed.

-Ken on Crockett Days, they have cut a new road in the clearing for a good road for the wagon to follow and return easily for the wagon ride to the Crockett Days camp. Also a clearing has been completed for an Indian encampment to be included in this years Crockett Days event.

-Doug is working on a flag pole for the flag raising ceremony. Also verified a presentation for Mark Hallback will be held at shelter number 3 nearest the Crockett cabin on Saturday. Ken shared his reservations for leaving the encampments completely unattended and asked that someone be designated to remain behind on watch.

-Dawn explained Joseph will be able to acquire a tomahawk target and that concessions have been taken care of.

-Ken said the Masons will plant a tree and present a plaque on the 28th of September at 10:00

-Dawn, Kids camp had a very good turn out this year.

New business: -Ken, John price returned that phone call and asked about vending on Saturdays, with a suggestion that a donation be made to the friends group of x ($20 was mentioned). Dale mentioned that a donation to the friends group would be better verbiage of the situation and others agreed. Heather agreed to be the group contact for John Price in future dealings. Ken also mentioned that health department inspection records and proper licensing should be copied and kept on record for the park. Ken requested that this be a friends group activity.

John Price specified the following dates of availability: July 13, and 27. Also every Saturday in August but requested that we pick only 2 of these Saturdays. We agreed also to contact him about the next Mountain Melodies event.

-Ken, said the park hosted a visited from Mrs. Haslam in which he described as a very pleasant and good company lady. They are planning Christmas at the Governors Mansion, One tree will be ‘dedicated’ to “David” Crockett. They are trying to have a no budget, donated items only Christmas, and Ken donated on behalf of the park a bear skin. They were seeking additional donations in forms such as powder horns, coon skin hats, etc. These donations would be returned to the owners following the event.

-Ken explained an idea currently in the works: He and Dawn have been discussing with a father and son team a play they have written called ‘Night at the Alamo’, a part comedic, and part musical play. The idea being that Crockett would entertain those at the Alamo about his life from birth to his travels and finally leading up to his arrival at the Alamo. Kens idea, as he explained it, would be for this to be part of Crockett Days. They were still working on production cost pricing but haven’t gotten that far yet. He would like to see this eventually be completely local.

-Heather, explained the need for a website for the group, and added that paypal donations could be added to the current ways we receive donations as well as being able to sell items, and have credit card processing. Diane made the motion to accept, Doug seconded and the motion passed. Dale was nominated as webmaster for this project and he accepted.

-Doug asked about Crockett days signs, Dawn explained the need for the dates to be changed on the current signs and commented on this being quite expensive at our current sign vendor. Doug volunteered to check on sign pricing in Jonesborough and will email updates to the group.

-Tim suggestion everyone should have in their possession friends group membership form cards. He recently went on travels and has been quite successful and gaining the group new members. Thank you Tim.


-Handicap access for the proposed location for Crockett Days Re-enactment camp.

-Port-a-potties have not been arranged yet for Crockett Days.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm by Tim Massey, President.

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