Meeting Minutes 6-2-2014

The Pioneer Friends of Davy

Crockett Birthplace State Park

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 6/2//2014

Call to order: A Monthly Board Meeting of the The Pioneer Friends was held at the Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park, Limestone TN, on 6/2/2014. The meeting was called to order at 6:29pm by Tim Massey President and Dale Trombley, secretary.

Members in attendance: Tim Massey, Heather Youngblood, Pam Etheredge, Wilhelmina Williams, Beverly Williams, Doug Ledbetter, George Blanks, Lois Blanks, Caroline Blanks, Bill Knapp, Artie Oneal.

Treasurer’s report: Total Assets $6076.98.

Park Managers Update: Bill Knapp – Campground is open and is getting positive feedback (mostly). The pool is open and is running on a positive note at this time. There is still no wifi as of yet, but is in the works.

-Pruning the park went well and new trees have been planted including an oak offspring donated by Tim from the Alamo.

-Caroline will be making a painting for the park.

-Heritage fair is good (Dawn)

-Roof on the cabin is needs replacing, the state is offering a 5 years repair plan (which doesn’t bode well for the cabin). Doug suggested getting Ustes involved in making shingles (and would perhaps create a TV moment for the park). Beverly suggested treated shanks could last 40+ years.

Lois – Windows to the past, Greeneville.

-Tim and Arty will represent the park. Tim will be there as Crockett and a Crockett Mural will be dedicated. The original Crockett movie will be playing in the Capital theatre where it originally debuted. From 4-6

Astros history night is July 19, Crockett park will be there with (so far) Bill Knapp, Dale, Heather.

-possible 2 tables for Crockett and Dixon Williams Mansion together.

Dale suggests date of the Heritage fair to be changed so it won’t conflict with so many other events in the area. This year that list includes Blue Plum fair, fun days mosheim, and others.

Doug update on Crockett Days food, same as last year $9.98/person from Bare Bones BBQ.

Bill Knapp – Steve Smith the regional interepreter is thinking of moving to the Crockett Birthplace Statepark area.

-Mnt Melodies is possibly a thing of the past, discussion included combining mnt melodies with the craft fair to make both a better event.

Board Nominations: Heather motioned for Ed to remain on the board, Doug 2nd and passed

Next Meeting: July 7th at 6:00


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:03 pm by Tim Massey, President.

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Officer Election meeting:

Tim called the officer elections meeting to order at 7:11pm 6-2-2014

Nominations: Doug for president (Refused)

Doug motioned to keep all officers as the have been, motion was 2nd by Pam and passed.

Special officer election meeting was adjourned at 7:28

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