Meeting Minutes 2-2-2015

The Pioneer Friends of Davy

Crockett Birthplace State Park

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 2/2/2015

Call to order: A Monthly Board Meeting of the The Pioneer Friends was held at the Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park, Limestone TN, on 2/2/2015. The meeting was called to order at 6:02 pm by Heather Youngblood, Vice President

Members in attendance: Heather Youngblood, Dale Trombley, Myron Cannon, Kathleen Cannon, Wilhelmina Williams, Beverly Williams, Aundrea Knapp, Bill Knapp, Ed Ruch, Artie Oneal, Melodie Daniels

Special Guests: Tommy Oaks, John Oaks: To discuss Crockett play/musical

  • Tommy suggests to have a script reading during a future meeting
  • They envision to have the play in schools as well as at the park
  • -Heather: What do we need to provide? -Tommy, the place, volunteers, etc. Ideally this would be done by local thespians.
  • Wilhelmina: How much? -Tommy, we were paying 6 people as much as $240 per week. Really hard to say
  • -Heather: Will we be selling tickets? -Bill, I like the tickets idea, and/or getting sponsors, etc.

Minutes Approval motion by Ed, Wilhelmina seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s report: Total Assets $5954.60

Park Managers Update: Bill Knapp

  • Museum is set to have lights replaced, and single pane glass fitted with a glass covering
  • Bridge work is set to begin the week of Feb 9th, volunteers, as always, are welcome
  • Wifi, Was told to rattle a few cages to get the wifi issue taken care of
  • Governor has issued 3 initiatives: The Green Team, Trails, and Health for Park Employees
  • Park was recognized at the recent Park Managers Meeting for Crockett Days and Skills Training
  • Donation box MUST BE double locked
  • Bill found a donation box maker to make it look like the cabin, Powder coated steal
  • Feb25 will be a tree planting session, Time to be determined.
  • This years interpreter will be Tanner Wells

Old Business:

  • Crockett Christmas – Bill – Went very well
  • Cabin fever social – Heather- Went very well, next one will be this sunday (8th)
  • Pioneer skills class – Melody – Went well with hopes to grow
  • Homeschool days – Planning is under way and going well

New business:

  • Membership – Perks for membership are still being discussed, Aundrea awaiting more information
  • Website – Now has minutes archived and has shop and donations through paypal

Mountain Melodies

  • Bill wants to expand mountain melodies with possible additional entertainment
  • Aundrea would like to purchase banner for mountain melodies
  • Melody suggests a possible battle of the bands venue if enough bands are willing

Next Meeting: March 2nd 6:00 pm


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:37 pm by Heather Youngblood, Vice President

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