Meeting Minutes 8-3-2015

The Pioneer Friends of Davy
Crockett Birthplace State Park
Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting date:8 /03/2015

Call to order: The Monthly Board Meeting of the The Pioneer Friends for 2015 was held at the Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park, Limestone TN, on 8/03/2015. The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm by Heather Youngblood, Vice President

Members in attendance: Dale Trombley, Bill Knapp, Melodie Daniels, Heather Youngblood, Ed Ruch, Dawn Elberbawy,Kathleen Cannon, Myron Cannon, Kay Millsaps, Sandra Kyte

Minutes approval: Motion made by Melodie, Seconded by Myron, Approved.

Welcome to our newest members: Kay Millsaps and Sandra Kyte

Treasurer’s report: Total Assets $6635.

Total Assets on Hand 1 July 2015 6403.24

Checking 4974.36

Education Fund Share 1428.88


Ice 1004.00

Wood 295.00

Kindling 21.00

Donations 66.00

Memberships (Hampton) 15.00

Basket (Moore) 20.00

Town of Greeneville (parade winner) 100.00


Harmon Ice 426.00

Signs Plus (Shirts, banner) 587.44

Go Daddy, domain(Dale Trombley) 75.85

Kindling (Nathan Yoder) 50.00

Amazon flags (Ed Ruch) 75.00

Stickers (office) 75.00

Total Expenses 1289.29

Checking Account as of 1 Aug 2015 5206.07

Education Fund (Savings 1428.94

Total assets 6635.01

Prepared by Ed Ruch, Treasurer

Total Receipt 1521.00


T-shirts: T-shirts are completed and delivered, all agree they look fantastic

Replacement Beam for Cabin: Ed reports a replacement beam for the cabin is available from several locations and delivery is expensive. Melodie made the motion for $300 to cover the expense of the replacement beam for the porch, rough cut 20′ long. Myron seconded and the motion carried.

Mountain Melodies: 

  • Heather: found out recently that most bands will perform for about $25 per band member.
  • Bill: considering cancelling the Halloween event to concentrate on Mountain Melodies.
  • Seems everyone agreed we could really make the Mountain Melodies event a very big event.



Crockett Days: 


  • We suddenly have a large amount of help this year. Many from last year are returning.
  • Currently have 3 suttlers (had only one last year)
  • EMS will have a booth
  • Porta-jons will be delivered on the 14th (Ed)
  • Vendors include Creamy Cup, Ella/John Price, and Shaved ice vendors
  • Greeneville Light and Power is scheduled to turn off the lights in the suttler camping area.
  • Will have a child questionare for prize (stickers) and a grand prize drawing on Sunday for a Crockett friends t-shirt
  • Re-enactor  packet with quiz, map, sticker, one packet per station (camper)
  • Stickers should be 4″ sticker for packet, 3″ sticker for kids prizes
  • Ed has volunteered to purchase water for the friends group booth
  • Food choices came down to Barebones and Pratts. We have voted to go with Barebones again this year.

One motion: Melodie made a motion for $1500 for the meal with barebones, stickers, cabin repair board, bottles of water for crockett days. Myron 2nd and the motion passed.

Youth Program: Planning to have a youth program Saturday, 5th, for Story telling, roast marshmallows and/or make smores, water melon, etc. The fire needs to be started no later than 7:00 to have good coals, earlier the better. The program will start at 8:00 and end at 9:00. Myron motioned for $200 for supplies listed, Melodie 2nd and the motion passed.

Crockett Days Friends Booth Schedule: Saturday Myron, Kathleen, Ed, and Joan will take turns. Sunday will be Heather and Dale.

Next Meeting: Monday, September 7, at 6:00 PM


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm by Heather Youngblood

Respectfully Submitted by

__Dale Trombley________________

[Executive Member’s Name] Date of approval

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