Meeting Minutes 9-21-2015

The Pioneer Friends of Davy
Crockett Birthplace State Park
Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 9/21/2015

Call to order: The Monthly Board Meeting of the The Pioneer Friends for 2015 was held at the Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park, Limestone TN, on 9/21/2015. The meeting was called to order at 6:20 pm by Heather Youngblood, Vice President

Members in attendance: Dale Trombley, Heather Youngblood, Bill Knapp, Robert Etheredge, Pam Etheredge, Myron Cannon, Kathleen Cannon, Melodie Daniels, Dawn Elberbawy

Minutes approval: Motion made by Robert, Seconded by Melodie, Approved.

Treasurer’s report: Total Assets $5901.88


Total Assets on Hand 1 Aug 2015 $6635.01

Checking $5206.07

Education Fund Share $1428.94


Ice 304.00

Wood $140.00

Kindling 6.00

Donations 54.00

Bare Bones BBQ (refund for tax paid) 94.91

Membership ( Sandra Kyte) 15.00

T-shirt sales 600.00

Educational fund transfer for donation 500.32

Auction CD’s 393.21

Total Receipt 2007.44


Harmon Ice 570.00

Fire Pit (Ed) 53.77

Bean Pot, Ebay (Ed) 59.52

Staples ( Marker Ed) 6.79

Stickers for CD 60.00

Bare Bones BBQ (Crockett Days food) 1093.91

Raffle prize (Crockett Days) 100.00

PayPal 5.12

Will Vogt, blacksmith (tri-stand, grate) 100.00

Hanna Pasgel (candle making) 100.00

Ice for CD’s 91.20

Total Expenses 2240.31

Checking Account as of 1 Sept 2015 4973.20

Education Fund (Savings) 1429.00

Donation to Visionary Homeschoolers 500.32

Total 928.68

Total assets $5901.88

Prepared by Ed Ruch, Treasurer


Park Update: Bill:

  • Lights changed in office and museum building (some minor work still pending)
  • Motion detector installed in bathroom
  • Addition has been approved by the state on the office building
  • Comcast will be donating an addition amount of around $1000
  • Legislators visited the park as scheduled
  • Fats offered that they would deliver to the park, but must be to an office building
  • BRAT event was successful
  • Pat has suggested to sell Crockett Friends “Where the legend was born” t-shirts
  • Has a ranger interested in instructing how to install a split rail fence

T-Shirts: Melodie made a motion to sell to the park the Crockett Friends “Where the legend was born” t-shirts at cost plus %50 markup. Robert seconded and the motion passed.

Mountain Melodies:

  • Heather suggested we need a friends booth set up to sell t-shirts, and possibly water
  • The Mountain Melodies T-shirts sponsorship drive deadline for ads is September 30th
  • Dale will add the wording “Mountain Melodies Music Festival” and “Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park” to the MMMF image for t-shirts
  •  Volunteers for booth are Melodie and Robert
  • Heather will contact Jimmy Rader and Appalachian Craft Guild for crafters
  • A hospitality tent will be set up for bands with chips, cookies, and water.

Motions for MMMF:

  • Melodie made the motion to purchase 50 shirts at $8/per for $400 with the Mountain Melodies design. Pam seconded and the motion passed
  • Robert made the motion to purchase chips and cookies for the hospitality tent for the bands. Pam seconded and the motion passed

Next Meeting: Monday, October 5, at 6:00 PM


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm by Heather Youngblood

Respectfully Submitted by

__Dale Trombley________________

[Executive Member’s Name] Date of approval

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