Minutes oversight brought to our attention

We have just been made aware that an expense was left off a minutes, or rather was left off a meeting and therefore not included in minutes. We will address that here and make corrections as necessary going further.

We have recently made an allowance that the board may vote by email outside of regular meetings and that the issue must be presented to the board at the next meeting and discussed further if needed.

The proposal was brought up by Ed to fund $500 to homeschool children of the park for homeschool supplies, the same homeschool children that also volunteer work on the park, planting trees etc. and Melodie would be the one to handle the arrangements to see that the children received the supplies. Melodie accepted but opted herself and her children out to disallow any and all suspicion of misappropriation of funds. The board voted by email and approved Ed’s motion unanimously. The original motion from Ed is as follows:

Ed & Joan Ruch <rooksroost2@comcast.net>
Aug 6
to Tim, Heather, me
Tim, Heather, Dale,
I would like the friends to make a donation for school supplies to the Visionary Homeschoolers, Melody’s group.
As the kids use the park more I feel we need to give back to them.
They started back to school Monday but need supplies year round.
Melody has ask her group things that the different familys could use.
A lot of the same things that groups collect for public school kids plus some things in addition to.
Some of the items copy paper, comp books, staplers, pencils, etc.
These folks get nothing from the state as is done in other states.
Melody has stated she would buy, put packages together and distribute the packages to families that can use them most.
I would like us to donate $500.00 out of the ed fund to the group.
I have an exemption card for wally world now and can meet her at wally or let her have the debit card and go shopping.
If you feel we should do this please forward to the other board members for their opinions.


Dale Trombley <buzzmandt@gmail.com>
Aug 6
to Ed, Heather, Tim


Tim Massey <horses319@comcast.net>
Aug 7
to Ed, Heather, me


Heather Youngblood <heather@mysummerfieldfarm.com>
Aug 7
to Tim, me, Ed

It should also be noted that the funds for this project were taken out of the education fund, because…. well, education.

This matter will be brought up and discussed at the beginning of our next meeting. I would like to remind all of our members and non members alike that our meetings are open to the public and everyone is allowed to voice their opinions during said meetings if you have any questions or concerns you would like to bring to the board about minutes, or funds appropriations. That is why we have open meetings, and open invitations.

One last note to note, if your email address gets bumped back as undeliverable twice for any reason, it will be discussed at the next meeting, if the matter isn’t clarified your email address WILL BE REMOVED from our group email and notifications list. I am not going to hold your hand to make your email address work for you nor will I ask anyone else to.

Thank you
-Dale, Secretary for the Friends of Crockett Birthplace State Park.

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