Meeting Minutes 9-5-2016

The Pioneer Friends of Davy
Crockett Birthplace State Park
Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 09/05/2016

Call to order: A Monthly Board Meeting of the The Pioneer Friends for 2016 was held at the Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park, Limestone TN, on 09/05/2016. The meeting was called to order at 6:09 pm by Tim Massey, President.

Members in attendance: Dale Trombley, Heather Youngblood, Tim Massey, Myron Cannon, Kathleen Cannon, Melodie Daniels, Ed Ruch, Pam Etheredge, Josh Suttles, Bill Knapp.

Minutes approval: Motion by Heather, 2nd by Ed, passed.

Treasurer’s report: Total assets as of Aug, 31 2016: $7339.85

Monthly Treasurer’s Report Aug 2016


Pioneer Friends of Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park

Total Assets on Hand 1 Aug 2016 6402.39

Checking 5473.30

Education Fund Share 929.09


Membership [Henry, Hayes, Light, Stonecypher] 70.00

Ice 414.00

Wood 225.00

Donations 175.50

T-Shirt Sales [CD’s ] 696.67

Auction 761.00

T-Shirts Sales [ Park Office ] 1004.00

Total Receipt 3346.17


Harmon Ice 444.00

Food City [food CD’s] 61.83

Hoggy Bottom [Food CD’s] 950.00

Signs Plus ( t-shirts for CD’s] 418.00

Signs plus ( t-shirts for park) 217.16

Fort Vause Outfitter [Gift Cert CD’s] 150.00

Seams Colonial [Gift Cert CD”s ] 100.00

Food for Annual Meeting [Carolyn Blanks] 67.75

Ice donated for CD’s [ 124.80 ]

Total Expenses 2408.74

Education Fund (Savings) 929.12

Checking 30 July 2016 6410.73

Total assets as of 31 Aug 2016 7339.85

Prepared by Ed Ruch, Treasurer

Park Manager, Bill:

  • Cabin has been treated for wood boring beetles
  • Fence should be finished around cabin next week
  • Shout out to Josh and Tusculum College for the work they have done
  • Dawn may need help for Mnt Melodies Oct 8
  • September 16 is the last day for Bill Knapp

Presentation by Tim

  • Spirit of Crockett award presented to Bill Knapp
  • Pioneer Spirit Award presented to Ken Tester

Membership drive was sent to 200 people, Ed recommends any returns from it be for 1 1/2 years prorated.


The 13th annual friends conference will be November 4,5,6 at Fall Creek Falls State Park.

Melody motioned for 50 more T-shirts to be ordered, Heather 2nd, motion passed

Next Meeting: November 7, 2016

Announcements/Comments/Concerns: No meeting in October

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:08 pm by Tim Massey

Respectfully Submitted by

__Dale Trombley________________

[Executive Member’s Name] Date of approval


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